All About Niels “Manderkitten” Thogersen III

I’m not usually one to gush over my significant other or to form my identity based on my Night Rideromantic relationships (I’m too much of a crabby feminist for that) but the fact of the matter is a huge part of why I am able to do what I do is because I have the support of my husband Niels.  Niels is not only my number one fan and supporter, he’s also the Vanderkitten Team mechanic (an official Manderkitten) and an outspoken ally of the movement for equality in women’s cycling.  I thought about writing a post that praised Niels for all the awesome things he does but instead of that, I thought I would just own up to what a pain in the ass I can be to deal with and make a list of all the things I do that he has to deal with.

1. Prerace panic

Does not matter what the race is, I will completely panic beforehand.

Local road race that I’ve done 100 times? panic.

National championships? complete meltdown.

Particularly competitive group ride? in tears.

2. I made a Flickr page with pictures of all of the things Niels writes his name on

Okay so I find it super charming that Niels writes his name on all of his stuff so against his protests I made a flickr page dedicated to this.  Maybe not so nice, but super cute and charming.

3. I can never find anything … ever

Niels leaves every day for work before me and at least 3 days a week I will call him completely panicked because I’m running late and I can’t find my flat kit, helmet, shoe covers, keys, garmin, left leg warmer, etc.

4. I won’t scoop the litter box

At least 100 times I have told Niels that I will scoop the litter box for our three cats “next time.” I have yet to ever do it.

5. I will put off doing anything Niels asks me to do until he gets frustrated & does it himself

Some examples of this are:

– planting the gardendishes

– mowing the lawn (I still don’t know how to use a lawnmower)

– cleaning the bathroom

– doing the dishes

– sweeping any floor in the house

6. I ride my race bikes in the rain and then make Niels clean them

Despite knowing thatdirty bike I live in Seattle and obsessively checking Weather Underground I consistently take my race bikes out on s**tty and rainy days and then just leave them on the stand in the bike room and wait for them to magically be clean.

I’m also really good at feigning ignorance about what the weather was and what I thought it “should have” been.

I’m sure there are a lot more things that I’m not remembering but at the end of the day I know I can be a pain in the ass and I’m so grateful to have my awesome Manderkitten to take care of me and clean up after me.


About Jess Cutler

35 year old pro road and cyclocross racer. National Champion. Generally nice person.
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1 Response to All About Niels “Manderkitten” Thogersen III

  1. Pam West says:

    Hey! That’s what love is all about..I’m so proud of both of you.

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