One Tool Roll – A Million Uses!!! (or how you should support a pro)

When my friend Mike McGuffin, founder and owner of Greenlite Heavy Industries reached out to me proposing that I be the first recipient of his Support a Pro program I of course said yes.

I love his products not just for their style and durability but also for their versatility. The pants, shorts, and jackets are beautifully tailored and constructed while still being fashionable off the bike and functional on the bike.

Since the Support a Pro program involves me and the Jamis Pro Cyclocross team receiving the profits from the sale of all tool rolls, I started thinking about all of the ways that the tool rolls could be used by any cyclist.

bikes bikes bikes bikes!

bikes bikes bikes bikes!

Of course first and foremost its a great way for you to carry your tools on a ride or to the pits.  Since I’m obviously a master mechanic as evinced by this picture of me in an apron with a bike and a toolbox, I carry the essentials in my tool roll at all times.  I can fit a set of allens, the greatest tire pressure gauge of all time,* a tire lever, and a CO2 pump and cartridge.

This is great and all but as a pro cyclist I do so much more than just work on all my own bikes all the time with no help from any mechanics or my husband.  I also do things like eat food … and hang out with cats.  I soon realized that the tool roll could also help me integrate these other interests into my everyday life!

Since the pie chart of my brain is roughly 51% devoted to my cats, I soon devised a way that my tool roll could help me spend more quality time with them, even on the bike!

Step 1: Secure cat into tool roll

perfect fit!

perfect fit!

Step 2: Insert cat into carrier

cats love this!

cats love this!

Step 3: Travel with cat, arrive at destination, remove cat, and enjoy!

he was so happy about being able to spend more time with me!

he was so happy about being able to spend more time with me!


~80% of my diet

The tool roll is also amazing for transporting snacks.  If 51% of my brain is devoted to cats, then roughly 48% is devoted to jelly beans.  Thankfully, the tool roll is excellent for not only transporting, but also protecting your jelly beans from inclement weather.

While I wish I could eat nothing but delicious jelly beans,** I am a professional athlete and I know that I need to eat “healthy” food in order to “perform” and “not get type 2 diabetes.”  No worries though! Tool roll to the rescue again! IMG_2709 The tool roll is excellent for transporting eating utensils so you can be a multitasker like me and eat on the road! image2 I’m sure most of us have experienced the extreme frustration of having to stop mid-ride to find utensils and eat your takeout.  You lose your rhythm, get cold, can’t find anywhere that will give you a decent pair of chopsticks, and most importantly are inefficient when you have to pull over like this.

Thankfully, since I can carry all of my utensils in my handy tool roll, I no longer have to make unnecessary meal stops when I train!

I can eat soup!



I can eat daal saag!

delicious! and efficient!

delicious! and efficient!

I can even eat some Asian foods with their culturally appropriate utensils!

i did not almost crash while doing this!

i did not almost crash doing this!

There are so many uses for a Greenlite Tool Roll that I’ve discovered just in the last few weeks that I have to say it’s definitely a must have for any dedicated cyclist.  So please, purchase a tool roll to get a great product and to support Jamis Pro Cyclocross.  While you’re at it, take a look at all of the awesome clothing on the Greenlite website (I hear they use an awesome model) and support a fantastic local company!

*I’m not sponsored by accu-gage, it’s seriously just the greatest tire pressure gauge of all time.
**Just not the bullshit black licorice ones

About Jess Cutler

35 year old pro road and cyclocross racer. National Champion. Generally nice person.
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