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35 year old pro road and cyclocross racer. National Champion. Generally nice person.

strings attached

Many years ago, probably around 2005, I met a man named Matt Hickey.  I met him at a weird time in my life when I was doing a lot of binge drinking, occasionally to the point of blacking out.  When … Continue reading

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single speed is for everyone (a SSCXWC race report of sorts)

When I announced my impending retirement from pro racing along with mine & Niels’ intention to create the Northwest Women’s Cyclocross Project, I also stated my intention to race some single speed cyclocross and target SSCXWC as my “A” race … Continue reading

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I almost wasn’t

Yesterday was warm.  It was nearly 90 degrees when I left my downtown Seattle office to go for a ride at 5:10 PM. There was an abnormal amount of traffic due to a Seahawks game.  I love the Seahawks.  I am … Continue reading

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One Tool Roll – A Million Uses!!! (or how you should support a pro)

When my friend Mike McGuffin, founder and owner of Greenlite Heavy Industries reached out to me proposing that I be the first recipient of his Support a Pro program I of course said yes. I love his products not just … Continue reading

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The #waveback

Being a professional cyclist can be a lonely job.  Every week I spend hours and hours alone on the bike riding hard, not riding hard, wishing I had more friends to ride with, and listening to audibooks.  It’s because of … Continue reading

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More vegan, less bummer – eating on the road

I was stoked to receive a lot of good feedback after my last post about attempting to make a vegan version of everyone’s beloved Nutella.  It made me realize that aside from using this forum to push my pro bike, feminist … Continue reading

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Being Vegan Without Being a Bummer

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted! Not that I’ve been uninspired or had nothing interesting to say (I always have lots of interesting opinions to share! feminism! bikes! veganism!) it’s just that ~life~ has been super busy and … Continue reading

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